Are you a winner? A round up of recent comp results.

There’s been a few competitions recently, and I’ve been very laggardly in disclosing the winners. So without further ado, let’s clear up the mystery.

Your literary #guiltysecret?

Lorna, come on down! £10 Amazon voucher is yours.

3 copies of Alexander’s Athenian Adventure up for grabs. They go to

So that’s Ashleigh, tom and Rosie. I’ll be dropping you all emails for your addresses, but remember, if you don’t get back to me in a week, I’ll redraw.

And last, and very possibly least, a Right Royal Knees up.

This goes to Sarah m.

Well done to everyone, I hope you very much enjoy your prizes, and keep on coming back to see if I’m giving anything else away 😉

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