Day two: celebrate small achievements #30dayplan

Yesterday, one of the things I knocked off the todo list was catching up on Smallest’s vax.  (I don’t want to be told I’m a bad mother for being late or for doing them at all, my decision, informed, and carefully considered.) As a result she was an unhappy baby yesterday and overnight, so I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d wanted.

Number of ways to deal with this. Standard reaction is to say I always aim too high and fail, no point in trying, and slinking off to a corner hoping ppl will forget about the whole 30day thing quickly. But that’s not what I’m going to do.

Instead, I’m going to accept that sometimes, a lot of the time even, I’m not going to achieve what I think I should. (Dreadful word. Moving on.) And then I’m going to pick myself up from this and get on with things again. No slump. No pandering. Just acceptance, without dwelling, and getting on with it again.

So despite the lack of sleep overnight, I was up before 9 this morning. Which is as early as I’d planned and hoped for. And I got washing through, and managed a peaceful shower on my own. And if the washing got rained on before it dried? Well, it will dry. And I’m still going to be proud that I managed to have an empty laundry basket (right up til I went into the children’s room and found their dirty laundry. Sigh.)

However, I’ve also played Green Board games with the children, removed a large box of excess baby clothes to the carboot out of the loft, and recovered the crates of paperwork I need to go through. We ate (homemade) dinner by candlelight for Earthhour, and then we played a very long game of 20 questions.

Small achievements, but I’m celebrating them. Is there anything you’re celebrating today?

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  1. Well done. I realised that starting on a saturday was not a good idea for me. So I really have started today as, in Israel, Sunday is the first dauy of the working week. I’ll let you know. Keep up the good work meanwhile.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…ThTh- Being in the right place at the wrong timeMy Profile

  2. divasupermum antoinette says:

    small steps keep going , your doing well.

  3. The herd is grateful, anyway.

  4. I think the point of any exercise like this is to learn to ‘pick up where you dropped off’ and just get back on track, which you did!

  5. good for you. This is what I have to pull myself back to often, just living, and enjoying it, instead of becoming het up with what I didn’t do, what I should have done, what I should have realised I should have done, etc etc!

  6. My plan for today was to go for a walk with the family, read to children and play a board game. And I have achieved all three 🙂
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