Nokia N8 dealbreaker – no copy and paste?

I think I’ve found the dealbreaker. I’ve just spent 10 minutes trawling the internet trying to find out how to copy and paste using the Nokia N8. And I’ve found absolutely no one with the answer. (A few ppl implying there is an answer, but no one sharing it!) Could this really be true? Is this a smartphone without a paste function? And if so, why on earth *does* it have a copy function?

The predictive text editor annoys the life out of me. If you get the wrong first letter, you’re sunk, it won’t come up with your word. My HTC wildfire can cope. I may have to design a test that I apply to all smart phones in future. So far something I’ve done with them has been photo blogging for Silent Sunday – though I can’t remember doing a photo post from the N97 or the E72. Both the Desire HD and the Wildfire allow you to do it – post a photo, go to the hosting blog, lift the text for the badge, come back to your blogpost, paste the badge in, publish and tootle off to enter your link in the linkie. Are you spotting two usages of cut and paste there? One for the badge, one to enter your post url in the linkie.

Is it really true that the N8 is a smartphone that can’t support this? Tell me it’s just that they think it’s so obvious that they missed it out of the user guide. Because it’s not in there, I’ve searched.

Grr. Argh.

Disclosure. The Nokia N8 was supplied by ThreeUk on trial for the purpose of reviewing it.

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  1. The iPhone launched without cut & paste 🙂 think it’s due in the next major update.

    • yeek. I can’t work out which bit of that I find more unnerving. That ppl bought the iPhone anyway, or that Nokia could think ppl could do without it too!

  2. My N95 didn’t have any kind of copy function let alone paste. My N6 does have c&p, I don’t know where you are trying to paste to but if, for example, I want to paste into a text message I have to copy it, go into the text message, go into the editor to put the cursor where I want it, come back out the editor and then go onto the menu to the editing options and it is there. If they have taken the C&P feature back away again for the N8 then at least I’ll know not to upgrade to that next time I’m due, I’d really miss it now! What a PITA for you though 🙁

    • Thanks Sally – turns out you can copy and paste in text messages, but not in the editor that you use for applications like twitter and wordpress. (Or if you can they’ve hidden it so well that no one has found it yet!)

  3. Maybe most people aren’t bothered about it? Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have C&P either yet. apparently most people don’t use it that mich so it was a down graded feature i guess. I use h’s iphone a bit and can’t say i often want to cut and paste. I get annoyed more often by the litle c and paste thing popping up when i don’t want it I think 🙂
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    • Are they not? Am guessing that I use phones very differently to most then – I want to be able to email and blog and twitter and so on, and I use copy and paste extensively. I can’t begin to imagine how I would cope without it tbh.

  4. Yes, my Windows Phone doesn’t have it, either – think it’s due in the first big update, but whether that will happen or not is anyone’s guess. I really, really, really miss it (I had it on my old Palm, so it’s not like it’s impossible to do!)
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    • I’ve got it on my HTC wildfire, which is hardly top of the range where smartphones go. It’s not the kind of thing you check on a list when you’re choosing a phone though, is it? Just something you discover a day or so in and weep about!

  5. c/p will work on any modern nokia phones in msgs, but not in browsers. I have both n8 and 5730. What I’m confused about is my 5730 can c/p data from the internet, but this n8 can’t. It bothers me a lot that nokia nowadays are not really helpful. I regret getting a nokia. I should’ve bought an iPhone, don’t you think? an iPhone’s got everything, except a nokia’s battery life lasts longer than an iPhone and a nokia is more resistant from damage. 🙂

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