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So tough. I have lots of fleeting glimpses of childhood, but I don’t really know which ones are real memories, and which ones have been created through repetition of stories. Shared memories, I suppose you could call them. So I think I’m going to go with a story type memory, of summer outings to the moor.

We lived in a cul de sac less than a mile from the moors. The road up went nowhere else – no paths or pavements, so there’s minimal traffic. Same even now – slightly bizarrely through home education I met a family who live in one of the houses I used to stroll past as a child, so I’ve spent a fair bit of adult time up there too.

I remember walking up with a dog, our dog, a big gormless German Shepherd. I remember her jumping over walls, and stranding herself in fields, and having to run home to fetch my mother to help me force the gate open enough to get her out again. I remember watching her gambol in the catch – she loved the water. I went up there with friends and my sisters and we played in the water in the sun, paddling and splashing and generally having fun.

I loved the freedom I had as a child – I don’t think I’ve given my children that gift though 🙁 I’m not sure how old I was when I used to do the dog walks – I’m guessing around 11, as our first dog died when I was 10ish, and we moved from that house when I was about 12. Leaves a narrow gap. Having said that, I guess that I’d be fairly happy with Big doing something similar now, had we the dog and the area, so there is still time 😉

I guess my favourite childhood memory is freedom. Freedom to run and play and just be, in the sunshine.

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  1. As a child I would be off exploring for hours on end and my parents had no idea where I was or what I was doing. Certainly don’t feel that that is appropriate these days for my children. Has the world really changed that much?
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  2. Quite a few people this week have written about the freedom they had as children. It’s sad that our children won’t have the same memories. I’m working on letting my children have some freedom but I always feel a bit worried when they go off!

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