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How much is too much? #tmitweets

Yesterday I struggled all day with a breastfeeding problem. Smallest had spent two nights feeding every 40 minutes, then gone back just as suddenly to 3 or 4 hours, and somehow over night I think I missed a left feed. So I woke up to a very sore and distended breast, and despite trying to […]

Stay Away

“UN nuclear monitors have advised Japan to consider expanding the evacuation zone around the stricken reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. An exclusion zone with a radius of 20km (12 miles) is currently in place but the UN says safe radiation limits have been exceeded 40km away. … … The US and UK earlier advised […]

Day 6 – an unexpected dentist #30dayplan

I’m beginning to understand why I rarely seem to get on top of anything. I know I’m very poor at organisation, but on the one day that I should have had a clear run at various stuff, I ended up losing a couple of hours to a dentist trip. Big has braces. She’s had them […]

Day 5 – small ginormous steps #30dayplan

Another terrible night – turns out that smallest has a stinking cold and as such she keeps coughing and disturbing herself. So another very broken night (suspect tonight will be much the same, so this is going to be a quick update before I sprint off to start grabbing my 40 minute naps). No running […]

Games, games, games.

As we don’t use school to facilitate education around here, it’s rather more achieved on the fly. Sometimes I set projects, sometimes the kids come up with ideas all by themselves. Occasionally they amuse themselves for days in involved games created around their current interests – Harry Potter is a recurring theme 😉 There’s also […]

Day 4 disaster – but keep on keeping on #30dayplan

Day 4, yesterday, was not my finest hour. The babe woke me on average every 40 minutes during the night. My sleep deprived brain didn’t allow me to focus on anything, and the day slipped away with no progress made. *Except* finally putting a bunch of stuff ready for posting together. And finding some of […]

Bargainicious :)

Recently Small developed an interest in King Arthur. He spent lots of time writing a play of his reimagined version. I’d been wondering which books to start him on, and someone recommended Rosemary Sutcliffe. So imagine my joy at spotting these goodies in one of our charity shops! All three together cost me £1.08. Brilliant.

Day 3 – a crate at a time #30dayplan

Someone stole an hour of my night last night. I’m very cross about it. But despite that I got up reasonably early, and was just sneaking out for a run when the baby started to shout for me. So Tim went to pick her up and I snuck a bit faster 😉 I got my […]

Silent Sunday 27-03-11

Day two: celebrate small achievements #30dayplan

Yesterday, one of the things I knocked off the todo list was catching up on Smallest’s vax.  (I don’t want to be told I’m a bad mother for being late or for doing them at all, my decision, informed, and carefully considered.) As a result she was an unhappy baby yesterday and overnight, so I […]

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