Things I didn’t buy today.


This is a t shirt for a 2 year old. It appears to have a built in garotte. I thought that was a nice touch. Brand name called out to me too. Not.

Am I just hopelessly old fashioned? Two year olds are barely past babyhood. What is with this trend to dress them in mini versions of clothing I’d be proud to ban the 11 year d from wearing?

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  1. Nope you’re not old fashioned. You just have your head screwed on 🙂

  2. lol!!! can just see soa in that 😉

  3. eugh

  4. So hideous. In every way. I particularly dislike the phrase “It’s what girls want”. Maybe it’s what the fashion industry wants girls to want. Think I’ll stick to being old-fashioned!

  5. “It’s what girls want”.

    Now there’s a nice example of how children get gender messages. You barely realise you are a girl before the whole damn world starts telling you what you want. Oh, yeah, and what you want is always pink…

    One of my pet hates is that way that ‘girl’ clothing is less comfortable and practical than ‘boy’ clothing. It always irritates me when tiny girl toddlers struggle to push up to stand because they’re standing on their pretty dress. All any two year old needs is something soft and comfy. And I won’t even start with pierced baby ears and those bizarre head bands people stick on their bald baby girl just in case anyone doesn’t realise she’s a girl…

    • Leggings. Leggings are good, don’t twist around when crawling or toddling. Or soft trousers. I’m fond of rompers and dungarees as you don’t get gaps.

      But I did use the head bands when Big was a baby – so many ppl told me what a handsome boy she was I started to get a complex! Should I have not cared?

  6. Well, our girl was frequently taken for a boy and we didn’t care but there’s no right or wrong about what bothers you, is there? If it bothered you then it did. BTW, she certainly doesn’t get taken for a boy now – she’s wearing orange nail varnish today, I think 🙂

    I guess D and I were both used to moving in circles where gender wasn’t always clear – maybe that does make you more relaxed about whether or not your children are defined ‘correctly’ by others. Mind you, quite a lot of lesbian mums we met were so anxious to avoid accusation of encouraging deviancy in their boys that they worried if they ever wanted more flamboyant clothes and tended to dress them as 100% ‘boy’ in everything from babyhood.

  7. it’s more that when someone says “what a lovely little boy, what’s his name” I felt really awkward saying Big. (Well, not Big, obviously in person, but female name!) And then often as not they would get all flustered and I’d say something about how you can’t tell at that age, and it would be difficult. So I’d do more and more in the way of clothing clues, that basically made no difference at all.

    I haven’t worried about it with smallest. I just say she’s a girl, it’s OK, and keep going.

    I was last mistaken for a boy myself at about age 16 while on work experience at a vets. At the same time they assumed the vet I was helping was my mother. I don’t know who was more affronted, me for the boy thing, or her for the assumption she was old enough!

  8. sb growing hair long again. she prefers it short, but gets irritated by the boy thing

  9. It’s a pet hate of mine and one of my fav soap box topics. I want age appropriate clothing. Hannah Montana is not suitable for a 6 year old. Peppa pig, Charlie & Lola, fine. But she isn’t a mini teenager, nor is she a little adult. She needs pretty clothes, mostly hard wearing enough to cope with playground and soft play but sometimes just pretty for those special occasions.
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