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I have discovered I am shameless

when it comes to charity. I will tweet at publicists, publishers and bookstores. I will email publishing companies, write guest posts for blogs and ask for stuff in comments on yet more blogs. And I was brought up to believe it’s rude to say I want 😉 I don’t really know what’s come over me. […]

am i being selfish wanting to home educate

Someone googled that phrase and landed on my blog. I don’t have time for a full write up right now, but no, I doubt very much you are being selfish. Home education will require your time, your involvement, your interest, your energy. You’ve probably devoted that time to your child or children before mandatory education […]

The view from our front door.

A little snow

Some time since we closed the curtains it started to snow. There was a light covering when do went out at 5.30, and a little more when our friends left at 6. It’s now 7.30. This is what it looks like outside our window. Our friends haven’t rung to say they are home, and I’m […]

Don't you just love technical glitches?

This is a post that I’m linking to from my new page on our 100 Book Challenge to fundraise for OxfamUnwrapped. For some unknown reason there’s no comment field on the post, even though I’ve allowed discussion in the admin, and I’ve specifically asked for comments on the post, of book suggestions for us all. […]

Season of goodwill

I’m not actually a big fan of Christmas. I find it a very stressful time of year. You see ppl you hardly ever see, and you’re supposed to be all best friends with them. You get presents you don’t want, and have to work out things to give to ppl you hardly know. Which isn’t […]

I think I'm solar powered

which means on days like today, I’m running on a half charged battery. The hall light, with one of those sensors, didn’t switch off until after lunch. It was off for about an hour, then it turned itself back on again. It’s never really got light today, and my mood reflects that fact. Unfortunately, my […]

Wednesday woes and Angry Birds.

I’m blaming the very nice lady at Three for the latter addiction! As I sit here typing on my netbook, dp is sitting next to me playing Angry Birds on the HTC desire. Neither of us has a games console, I kind of think that I ought to want one, but have never managed to […]

Slightly stunned – the Brilliance in Blogging shortlist

It’s the end of the year, and there’s a variety of top 10s, award lists and year in review round ups going on wherever you turn. Blogging is no different, and this week the inaugural Brilliance in Blogging shortlist is out. I’m slightly stunned to say that I appear on it, in the Make a […]

Tickbox home ed

I don’t know whether Big got the idea from one of her friends or whether she’s come up with it more or less independently, but last night she started to make herself a tick list. Of course, we did have ticklists here briefly, but that was a while ago, and they didn’t last long. Today […]

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