Archives for November 14, 2010

All this review stuff

I’ve actually been keeping most of my reviews off this blog recently. That’s because I’ve joined the Great Toy guide review team, and you can find my thoughts on various stuff over there. One of the things we were sent to review recently was a Playmobil advent calendar, and you can read all about it, […]

Are you living the good life?

That’s the good life like the TV show (The Good Life) 🙂 but maybe a little updated for a new century? This isn’t a sponsored post, before you start wondering, unless you count the jars of Whole Earth Foods peanut butter I’ve been given to review. They’ll get a post of their own in a […]

There are no bars here.

Recently I came across an article by Erica Jong that is getting a less than positive reaction. The article is entitled Mother Madness and the tagline reads Spend every moment with your child? Make your own baby food and use cloth diapers? Erica Jong wonders how motherhood became such a prison for modern women. Hm. […]

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