Aargh, days are slipping by without blogging again!

Tim was away for a couple of nights at the beginning of the week, which cut down drastically on my (evening) computing time. It also meant a convoluted set of logistics for the Monday evening activities – Big was picked up slightly late for her fun swim with friends, and dropped back to let herself into the house while I walked Small to Beavers, waited there and walked (briskly) back. Actually, on the way we were accosted by another parent who recognised the uniform and was insistent that the Beavers were having a walk in the woods – he drove us up there to discover that his wife had got it wrong, and the woods walk is next week, so then he drove us back again 😆

Big had the phone and a fall back plan that she could go to D & S if she didn’t feel happy in the house alone – in the event she rang to find out how long we would be, and as we had already set off from Beavers, she decided she was happy to wait. Takes about 20 minutes and I do know why I’m managing to lose weight all of a sudden, as that meant I did 2 miles with a soa in wrap, and she’s getting quite heavy now!

Tuesday the children spent a fair bit of time on Mathletics – Big discovered the top 100 student list and managed first of all to get on to the top 100 UK Students, and then top 100 in the world. She was very pleased with herself and went on to complete all of the year 3 work, get her first silver certificate and asked me to move her up. Was slightly confused to discover it thought she had done some something harders as she insisted it hadn’t, but we’ll cope (not least as it means that she’s not completely fallen behind Small).

Tuesday afternoon is of course swimming. For some reason neither of her friends showed up this week, meaning that I didn’t have anyone to chat with while her lesson was on and after, so we got out of there promptly enough to make it home for me to actually cook rather than feeding them pasta or pizza and they got to start catching up on Doctor Who while I did that.

Wednesday we were out all day. It’s music group in the morning in the town down the road, so we were up and out and waiting for a bus disturbingly early (for us). The bus driver hadn’t heard of the type of ticket I was trying to buy, so he let us on for free, and even though we got off a stop too early, we made it to music just about on time. So it seems buses could be a way to keep up with at least some of our activities as Tim starts work if we don’t go for a second car.

From music we went back to WFHelen’s house (yes, on the bus) for the afternoon, and then back home via yet another bus and the coop. Only just enough time to turn around to take Big out to Brownies, and then Small, soa and I called on D & S for a while. Figured out later that I’d had soa in the wrap for an hour 45 minutes during the afternoon – not a bad exercise rate for me and she’s pretty happy with it 🙂

Brown Owl dropped Big off minutes after we’d got back, and Tim wasn’t far behind. Had a good catchup with family as well, and even remembered to ring my sister to wish her happy birthday. (Hadn’t managed to get cards in the post to her though 🙁 :oops:)

So was barely online at all yesterday, and don’t seem to have managed much better today. Kids have mathleticed again, and both have spent some time doing digital art. Had tears from Small when he realised he’d overwritten a picture of soa with one of Big 🙁 and also when he got back with a smart haircut that apparently he didn’t like. He enjoyed coming to Baby Yoga with us though.

soa has tried a few more foods but not really enjoyed very many of them yet. I’m assuming that continuing to offer when she seems interested (she stole some pasta off me at baby yoga, but just chomped on it without actually eating it) is the way to be going and that the advice given by another mother that she needs to be on 3 full meals by 7 months is a little excessive. (Just as well I’m reasonably sure of myself, all this contradictory advice could be very offputting. I did get WF and Em to reassure me on these grounds yesterday though!) She’s seemed a bit out of sorts today, although obviously has now spent the entire evening sleeping which means I’m in for another night of it. Wonder if it might be time to change her into a night nappy and try to get some sleep anyway.

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  1. Three full meals by seven months! Oh dear, we got that one wrong then. I think one of ours ate more like seven snacky meals at the age of three years. At seven moths she just threw food about! Good to hear your bus adventures are working ok. Are your buses buggy accessible too?

  2. grin, on the other end of the scale, Aprilia was on 3 square meals as well as as much BF as she could wangle out of me before 5 months… (we were “allowed” to wean at 4 months then!) Sigh, if only all kids read teh manual hey? Would make life so much easier

    • @Allie think our buses are buggy accessible but I’m tending to wrap anyway 🙂

      My children have varied drastically so far, sure Big was on pretty much full meals by 6 months (guidelines were solids at 4 months then) while I don’t remember Small being big on food (apart from his 6 weetabix breakfast 😉 ) well, ever really!

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