My complaint to the BBC

It’s short, but hopefully to the point.

This case is being reported as a child withdrawn from school to be home educated and then being starved to death. Factually this is inaccurate – Khyra Ishaq was withdrawn in December, but no attempt was made to deregister her for months – this is not home education, this is truancy. Despite the head teacher reporting her concerns, no sustained attempt was made to follow up on those concerns (which makes a mockery of other claims that children are safer when in school).

The story does not represent the facts clearly, and is being used as an attempt to back up a political move by the labour party that has been shown to be false by research from home educators, and is disagreed with by the other main parties. Since when did the BBC become a part of the labour party political machine?

You can find the story here and the BBC Complaints form here.

If you want more accurate reporting, try Channel 4 news, who note that teachers tried to save this child but no one was listening.

There’s also a report of the judge’s statement in the Birmingham Mail:

A High Court judge concluded that “in all probability” Khyra Ishaq would not have died if there had been “an adequate initial assessment and proper adherence by the educational welfare services to its guidance”, it can be reported today.

I’d rant more, but my baby wants to be fed.

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