What the children did

Outsourcing the children for the morning was an excellent thing for them – while I’m sure they’d have enjoyed the scan bit of my morning, I’m just as sure they would not have enjoyed the well over an hour of waiting around that happened alongside it all.

Instead they used S’s copy of The Children’s Step-by-step Cook Book to choose what they wanted to make, then went shopping for ingredients and made banana smoothies and chocolate chip cookies. There was croquet on the lawn, and that daft kind of velcro tennis thing, which also led to them meeting the neighbour, when they had to go and ask for their ball back 😉 S found them a stash of costume jewellry that had been Tim’s mums, and they looked through that, cleaned some of it up and sorted chains for pendants, and both came back with a little swag bag of shiny stuff and all in all, seemed to have a lovely time.

We arrived in time for a slightly late lunch – kids had pizza, adults had soup and either sandwiches or leek and gruyere tarts (latter for me, and have to say although it was a slight battle to finish it, I did really enjoy it) and time for a chat while the kids did a bit more running about. Then we came home and the children retired to their bedroom to continue the very involved lego game, while I waffled about a bit and then headed off for a nap.

There’s been more Potter watching and listening as well, and then Tim’s gone off up north for a couple of nights, leaving me to hold the fort, which should be fine.

It would be lovely if at some point the children would look at the power house kit with me, as I’ve offered several times, but if I can’t interest them in that, I guess I’d just better get started on my next TMA. It’s for the easier course – got the marks back on the other one, a respectable 72, although nothing like what I would like on it. I’d pretty much given up in the end though, and left a few bits even unattempted, which is utterly pathetic I know, but there you go.

Also missed a delivery of the next load of materials, and two calls from the GPs – called them up and they’d no idea who had called or why, so my best guess is that it would be the midwife who is based there on a Tues, but I don’t know why she would be calling. I kind of assumed she would ring back later, but she didn’t, so guess I’ll just have to give up on that one.

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