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meme of three

tagged by Carlotta 1.Things that scare me: War Climate change Our government. 2. People who make me laugh: Susan Nickson (writer of two pints of lager) Small Robin Williams 3. Things I hate the most: Reality tv (let me run the word reality by you again). Soap operas Prejudice 4. Things I don’t understand: Reality […]

Size, fashion and discrimination.

You know, since I had children, I’ve been a little larger than I was previously. It’s a fairly common complaint/ situation, there’s even an entire blog devoted to a celebration of it, the shape of a mother. In my case though, a little larger is still on the slim side it would appear. I bought […]


Today we went to Bolsover Castle. It is only two villages away, so of course, we haven’t been there in the six years since we moved here. Signed up for family membership to English Heritage while we were there (15 months for the price of 12). High point for Big was the tree, which is […]

You can’t say you don’t learn stuff here….

edh also eth n. 1. A letter () appearing in Old English, Old Saxon, Old Norse, and modern Icelandic to represent an interdental fricative. 2. The symbol () in the International Phonetic Alphabet representing the voiced interdental fricative, as in the or either. I think I am spending too much time playing Weboggle

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