Akismet word of warning

I know that at least one member of the blogring has upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and I’ve been considering it myself. One of the features of WordPress 2.0 is the bundling of the Akismet, plugin, which wordpress 1.5.x users can go and get.

I’ve been testing Akismet for a week or so now, and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty good at catching spam. It runs against a webservice – something along the lines of tootling off to a central database and checking new comments against some information held there and then proceeds to mark them as spam or not. A spamlist is held within your admin interface in an akismet management panel. Unfortunately though, you can’t see all the spam you’ve received since you last looked, as you could in the moderation queue, and your only management option is to delete all spam. And if you don’t delete it, after 15 days Akismet deletes it for you.

So far much of this is probably sounding good to you – but there’s a drawback. Yesterday, Merry tried to leave me a link, to a site called cheekylegs 😉 and it hit Akismet. I found it, and retrieved it, but despite the retrieval, all of Merry’s comments since then have gone straight into the spam list.

Doing a bit of a search to see if there’s someway of whitelisting commenters, I posted a request for assistance through the akismet site, and then found another blogger with similar problems. I think my only option is to turn off akismet, and to hope that they sort it out. I think I’ll leave my upgrade for a little while as well. 🙁

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  1. So, am i back?

  2. Looks that way 🙂

  3. I’ve not had the problem yet you decribe re comments, but yes I don’t liek the fact that you can’t see all the caught messages, it’s enough for me to turn it off I think. It’s shame because it otherwise seems to work well at catching them.

  4. I have a copy of wp2 set up on my server. I’ll email the url and user info and you can test it out.

  5. Have you tried SpamKarma 2? I’ve had that running for several weeks now and it is fantastic at catching spam.

    I get an email every day telling me what comments have been caught and giving me the option to put them back onto the blog. Thus far I have found none that are incorrectly identified.

    OK granted I dont get anywhere near the number of comments that you do, but I do get a whole load of spam ;-(

    Oh, and the guy who wrote it, Dr Dave is a pragmatic vegetarian living in Japan with a very good blog

  6. I tried it before it was version 2 and can’t remember what it was I didn’t like about it, but I didn’t like it. I do recall exchanging emails with Dr Dave about it though 🙂

  7. Well I didn’t like the fact that it just produced an error (typical obtuse php error messsage)

  8. Might be worth trying again as version 2. No errors. Nothing to do but leave it running in the background.

  9. This was version 2 of SK……..

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