Saturday snippets 25 April 2015

{watching} Annie for family film night. It’s Smallest’s new favourite film – full review from her on Monday, along with the video from the wonderful workshop we attended. Evenings are Once upon a Time, we’re on Season 4 and starting to panic slightly about what we’re going to watch next.

{reading} Lots of phonic readers, picture books and the very special Read me like a book.

{eating} home made garlic dough balls. With possibly a touch too much garlic. (Is there such a thing as too much garlic?)

{missing} Big. More on that in our snapshots.

{enjoying} sunny days, garden time and living here.

{sneaking up} on decluttering. It doesn’t really work. But neither does any other strategy I’ve come up with. Sigh.


Big is away on her first Army Cadet camp. I’m trying hard not to worry about the fact they’re camping out in minimal kit on a weekend that features thundery rain showers. It’s been lovely weather all week until today. Today it has done rain. Small has got back into coding in a big way courtesy of the Kano that we’re reviewing, and it’s great to see. Smallest now demands to read a book every night at bedtime. It might be a delaying tactic, but I can work with that. Tigerboy is having a bit of a child led go at potty training, which is an interesting experience. All on his own terms, as ever.

Me. I have spent some time drawing and working on graphics this week. And a bit of photography, see a beautiful blog for an example of that. I’ve also decided that I really need to face facts and get more physical – basically, I’m seizing up. If I don’t exercise, and work at it, I’m going to get old a lot faster than I’ve got planned, so I think it’s back to the running, the yoga and the pilates. In the morning.


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