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Tim has been a smoker for a very long time, certainly all his adult life. It’s not something he’s particularly proud of, and he’s tried a few times to quit, but struggled with it, and the stress of quitting was a problem in itself.

Given those facts about quitting, he’s always looking for less smoky ways to smoke, if you see what I mean – if for no other reason than to not have cigarettes obviously around the house/children. (He always smokes outside, never ever inside.) So when we were invited to review the blu PRO™ Kit, we thought it was worth a go, being particularly interested to check out the claim of ‘great taste, puff after puff’.

I went online to order – it was a straightforward process. You have to confirm your age before entering the website, then it’s like any other online order. I was pleased to see that blu offer a very speedy delivery time, using Royal Mail first class, so once you decide it’s something you want to try, you don’t then have to wait that dreaded 2-3 weeks for delivery.


I really rather liked the packaging – I know that’s a slightly odd thing to say, but it does get your relationship with a product off to a good start when even the box looks good!


Setting up the kit involved reading instructions, which was difficult in that he’s kind of allergic to manuals 😉 Seriously though, it was very straightforward. Although the battery arrives partially charged he charged it fully first, and then filled the clearomiser as described, and got going.

When you’ve smoked as long as he has, making changes is always going to be hard. The blu PRO is *very* easy to use, which helps. He says that the actual experience of vaping with it is very similar to smoking, so there’s the potential for rebuilding his rituals around it. I think it looks a lot better than a cigarette, personally, though I may be biased. (He’s not as convinced at that point – says it’s a bit clunky.) And I’m certainly happier without the smell of smoke lingering – for all he smokes outside, smoke clings and there’s always that after breath if you know what I mean.


blu PRO positives? Tim says it’s a major benefit that you can vape places you can’t smoke. So for example going to the cinema which is a longer time than he’d go for between cigarettes, vaping is acceptable, and would make the whole experience that bit more pleasurable.

For Tim, smoking is a part of his day to day routine, and one of the things that he likes about it is going outside, the blu doesn’t impact adversely on that, it’s a take it wherever you’re going kind of thing. It does mean though that he can vape without worrying about blowing smoke over other people, and this he sees as a huge positive. Standing a little way away from people at all times isn’t desperately social, and the blu PRO makes being alone in a crowd a less frequent experience.

It’ll take some time to get used to the blu PRO – how do I tell when I’m finished he asks? – but he’s already talking about exploring other flavours, so I’d say that there’s definite potential there. And when you add in the financial savings, blu PRO is looking like a savvy choice.

You can find out more about blu on their social pages: Twitter: @blucigs, Facebook and Instagram: @blucigs

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