A paw patrol fail.

Tigerboy and I have had an oddly unsuccessful day. After a lot of warnings, he lost WiiU privileges after leaving the game pad on the sofa yet again. (About two minutes after I’d specifically told him to put it back on the cradle at that.) 

This left him at a loose end for the afternoon. I managed to tempt him out into town with me – he’s lovely company on his own, spotting house numbers and counting backwards and forwards as he hop skips along, hand in hand. He’s not as interested as Smallest in flowers, which I miss, but numbers are good to. 

We went to Poundland – I’d seen mention on Twitter of knitting kits that sounded like fab stocking fillers. Sadly they aren’t in our local store, and they were out of the modelling kits that I had in mind to buy to occupy him for the rest of the day. I tried to get him interested in various Christmas card decorations but he was having nothing of it. Eventually he settled on a Paw Patrol colouring book, some chocolate chip cookies and Magic Stars hot chocolate and we hop skipped home again. 

I do love holding hands with him. He doesn’t always bother these days, particularly if Smallest is along. Worth cherishing when it happens.

We got home and had hot chocolate and cookies, and the even though I sharpened crayons for him especially the colouring book was flatly rejected and he headed off to have a battle with Smallest over screen use priority.

I was kind of surprised he chose it to be honest, he’s never really enjoyed colouring in. Drawing yes, colouring no.

For myself, I’ve achieved very little today. I haven’t even done my drawing yet, so looks like a late night ahead of me.

I’ll leave you with a teaser of a very exciting parcel though… 

Any guesses on what it might be?

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