The last minute panic pack

  You’d think, knowing that I’m going on holiday with three children, that I’d have spent the last week getting ready. Processing washing. Organising food for those left behind. Doing a little every day.

You’d be so very wrong.

I class it as a triumph if I get stuff sorted the day before we go away, and yesterday we were in London for a fairly short notice event with Sky. It was a fab day out, but I was shattered when we got back, and can’t actually remember yesterday evening at all.

Today we were supposed to be going to Olde Melford as Tudors. I had our kit ready, but got up this morning to find a very sad and sorry Big, so instead we spent the morning in A&E. Not ideal. She has a severe sprain of the shoulder and is really struggling with the pain.

And then home. And panic. And pack. 

Two loads of washing through the washer and dryer, so that we had the clothes we need for the week. Craft bits. Books. Couldn’t find the book I really want to read (Neurotribes) so packed six others instead. What?

Wellies. Coats. Gloves. Toys. More craft bits. Some dress up costumes. Sewing! Lobbed the bag in that I dragged to Michaelmas and didn’t do there. Art things. Chromebook, ipad, tablet. 

Boot full of miscellaneous stuff. Potty! Appear to have forgotten changing mat though. And we finally left home at the time I hoped we would arrive. Gah. Another triumph. Drove all the way here thinking of all things that I’ve forgotten. 

Did find Neurotribes in the immense bag of sewing though, so it’s not all bad 😉 

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