Child centred Sunday.

It’s supposed to be a day of rest, isn’t it? And after last week, I needed it. The problem was that while I was driving the boys all over the county yesterday, Smallest stayed home with Big and Tim and recharged, so while I wanted to slump, she was ready to go.

“I can’t give you all my attention all day” I said, nearly falling off my chair from tiredness.
“I just want most of it” she replied. And that was that.

And this was when the pre-stacked school in a box came into its own. First there was a Baker Ross weaving bunny left over from an easter kit. Then there were some print outs of Starry starry night to colour in, and I have the ideal book, Almost Famous Daisy to read along side it. (60p from a charity shop. Bargain. )


So we discussed colours and stars and constellations as she drew and then she started writing underneath it and demanding I read it out.

I don’t quite know how to pronounce OOYXXO.

But I recognise this stage. Very montessori. Excellent.

And after the drawing and the writing, we read a story out of an RSPB mag about the flowers losing their leaves so then we could talk about the seasons, and then she wanted to do a season tree so there was lots of cutting and arranging and sticking. And she learnt about evergreen and deciduous.

Tigerboy was alongside for most of this. And we had the montessori tree jigsaw which was handy. He didn’t do any sticking or writing but he did everything else.

And after a couple of hours of pretty intense learning she decided she’d had enough and went off to play computer games with Small.

Leaving me even more exhausted than when we started and with a large pile of bits of coloured paper all over my freshly swept floor.

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