A day at the Museum of Civilisation

Anyone who has read Station Eleven will recognise the reference. For those who haven’t, the Museum of Civilisation is a collection of things gathered together by the survivors in a very depleted world, things they had little use for, but wanted to have remembered.

Goldsboro Books in London did a window display based around the idea, and asked for ideas via twitter. I submitted my idea – and I won! (It’s well worth clicking through on that article by the way, it’s rather fascinating on the whole Station Eleven thing.)

So today, we got *the* most fantastic parcel in the post. I hadn’t known precisely what to expect, except that it was coming in a big box ;) so I was just as excited as the rest of the family.

And here we go.


Yes, that is Marmite. In this particular household it’s destinated for a long stay in the back of the fridge and then eventually getting thrown out when we next replace the fridge ;)

Tigerboy had his eye on the Lego immediately. Once I let him at it this happened.


Who knew that you could build pigs and sheep? there’s a little booklet in the box to get you started with some ideas, mainly he was happy running his car around (thanks Small) and bashing the animals together. It’s a great box of Lego, all sorts of generic bricks, which wasn’t actually something we had a lot of, so that was good.

And there was Monopoly, so after a break for the last communication group (aw) they sat down together to do this.


Tigerboy didn’t last very long – wandered off to watch Bob instead, but the other three stuck it out for nearly two hours. And do you know the funniest bit? Smallest thrashed them. Simple tactic, she bought everything she could get her hands on, including three stations and the orange set. She can’t read (much), she can’t count, but she’s a property tycoon ;)

Big was particularly happy with these. Her first Converse.

New shoes :D #converse #station11

(I’m just a teeny bit sad that they aren’t big enough for my raise. I probably ought to think of myself as too old for Converse. I don’t.)

Oh, and I think she’s got her eye on the box set of Harry Potter as well.

I’m thrilled with the globe. I love them. I’ve always wanted one. And the Museum of Civilisation (hand painted!) sign. And I’m going to pluck up the nerve to have a go with the oil paints, I’ve always wanted to. Oh, and the periodic table picture – fabulous for a home ed family!

All in all, this prize is absolutely perfect, and I just want to say a big thank you to Goldsboro books for it, and another thank you to Emily St John Mandel for writing Station Eleven and coming up with the Museum in the first place. Awesome.

(It’s also made me think a whole lot more about book marketing, but that’s a whole other post.)

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