A day in pictures (snippets of Saturday)

As I’ve mentioned on twitter, I’m going through a low period at the moment. I’ve stepped back from social media a little because it doesn’t help to see all the things happening that I’m too far out of the loop to take part in.

Yesterday though, I tried something a little different to help myself through the day. I started with a plan. Or more loosely, some goals. Not todos – a list is pretty much guaranteed to send me into a flat spin at the moment.


And then, I set to doing one thing at a time.

I did washing up and washing. (I have now located 7 pairs of daughters black school socks. This is a major triumph. )

I took small children out into the garden with musical instruments and then brought them back in and made cookies.


For cookies out of a packet they were really rather good. Must find a reliable non packet recipe – I tend to end up with over crispy giant biscuits rather than gooey crumbly joyful treats. (If you have any links/recipes suggestions gratefully accepted in the usual places.)

I went for a walk. It was short, but it involved one foot in front of another which was the aim.

I painted.


It didn’t look much like the subject, but it’s a start on something a little different. (Find the inspiration on Instagram, via the sidebar widget. )

And then we threw in a bonus family film night, watching Maleficent on Netflix. Which is utterly wonderful.

And there was (homemade) popcorn.


I didn’t sew. Or read. Or blog. So today those are higher up the list. (Hence blogging in my pjs while drinking coffee.)

All in all, it was a lovely day. And I ended it feeling brighter than I started so I’m calling that a win. Tell me about your turn it around, make it better strategies?

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